Final Fantasy
  Daughter of Death
  Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne
  Marron- Jeanne
  Chiaki- Sindbad
  Miyako/ Yamato
  Finn/ Access



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I was…
Born to the blood of angels
Born through a veil of a storm
Born without love inside me
Born with a need of perform
Born out of vengeance
Born out of scorn
Born out of hatred
Out of love torn
Born with a mission
Born with a drive
Born with a need
With a will to survive


Now it’s time to show you
What I’m really all about
No more pretensions;
No more frothing at the mouth
There’s no use hiding
All my sins deep inside
I’ll wear them on my shoulder
Like a badge of pride


Cause I’m a Daughter of Death
From my very first breath
I’m a Daughter of Death
Blood red as Macbeth
I’m a Daughter of Death
Just a Daughter of Death


I was…
Raised from burning ashes
Raised with tragic crime
Raised from cries of chaos
Raised on borrowed time
Raised by the darkness
Raised by the night
Raised by the vultures
By the claws of fright
Raised to be hated
Raised to be loved
Raised to be doomed
By the powers above


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